Andrew Samaniego Earns The World Conservation Award

Environmental Science Merit Badge

Jurupa Mountain Cultural Center

Last weekend I went to a merit badge class and got my Soil and Water Conservation merit badge at the Jurupa Mountains Cultural Center, in Riverside. It is the same place I got my environmental science Merit badge. It’s pretty cool place to get merit badges, if your looking to take a merit badge, here is copy of the classes they have

Citizenship in the World

The Environmental Science, and Citizenship of the World merit badge’s are Eagle required merit badge.

Since I have Citizenship  in the World Merit Badge , Environmental Science Merit Badge , and Soil and Water Conservation Merit Badge, and I am a First Class Scout, I just found out I get World Conservation Award.  Which is pretty Cool!

Got my Soil & Water Conservation Badge

See you later,


P.S. This weekend i will be preparing for Pop Nye!

World Conservation Award patch

Soil and Water Conservation Merit Badge

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