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This is my overall profile that I sent to Air Force Academy Recently”


1)  Academics (Grades from Core Course)

– English 9(B,B), English 10(A,A), English 11(A)

– Spanish 1(A,A), Spanish 2 (B+,B+)

– Algebra 1(B+,B+), Geometry(B,C), Algebra 2(B,B),

– Trigonometry (B)

– Earth Science (A, A-)   – Biology (B-,B+)

– Physics (B)

-Modern World History(A,A)

-US History (B)

-Earned California Scholarship Ferderation and Earned Academic Letter for Sophomore Year


2)  Athletic Achievements

– Yucaipa Swim Team

– Scouting Merit Badges (Personal Fitness,Camping 100 Days and Nights, Hiking (over 120 miles of Hiking), Cycling Merit Badges (150 miles), Swimming Merit Badge

– 5 1/2 Mile Beach Run,Completed 10 Day Marine Devil Pup Leadership Program Summer 2012 (Toughest mental and physical challenge I ever experienced)

– Air Force Junior ROTC Weekly PT Program


3)  Civic Involvements

– Active in Boy Scout Troop 11 since, January 2009

– Earned Eagle Scout Award November 1, 2012

– Earned Light of God and Fillmore Religious Award with Unity Church

– Active in Air Force JROTC program in Yucaipa High School as Sophomore and Junior.

– Current Commander of JROTC Colorguard at all local community & School events.

-Attended Marine Corp Devil Pup 10 Day Leadership Course (Summer 2012)

-Attended the AFJROTC Summer Leadership School, March Air Force Reserve Base (Summer 2012)

-Selected as into the Boy Scout Honor Society Order of the Arrow

-National Youth Leadership Training – 5 Day program


4)  Work/Job Experience

– I have completed over 241 hours of community service (Colorguard events, Boy Scout service hours, Food Drives, Church Hours)

– My Eagle Project our combined Voluntary Community Service hours was over 200 hours.

-I work 4-5 hours a week in fathers internet business as a video editor, website editing.


5) Leadership Positions

– Current Senior Patrol Leader of over 60 Boy Scouts, other leadership positions within Scouts Boy Scout Troop Guide, Patrol Leader, Asst.Sr. Patrol Leader.

– Commander of AFJROTC Color Guard Team -I am in charge of 15 team  members.(2012)

– Safety Officer Commander for AFJROTC in charge 5 team members. 2012

– Special Project NCO in AFJROTC -Sophomore Year


6) Character Essay

Friendship, Brotherhood, Leadership


The biggest challenge in my life that has shaped me into the person I am today was when I decided to leave my mother’s home and go live with my father and stepmother full-time. I had been living between these two homes for many years. In my eighth grade year I made the decision to live full-time with my father for the remainder of my teenage years. Making this move would involve switching schools because my father lived in Yucaipa. Little did I know this decision would change my life dramatically for the better.


The first challenge I faced was changing schools. I was given the choice to either attend my local high school or take a homeschooling course in my ninth grade year. I choose homeschool, but found that this wasn’t for me. I felt I was missing out on the interaction with other students and other school activities, so in my tenth grade year I enrolled in high school. When I went to apply for my classes I noticed they had an AFJROTC program. I was very interested and decided to join.  I started out as a Cadet Airman Basic and my next semester I became a Tech Sgt and was in charge of Special Projects. I also joined Colorguard. The summer following my tenth grade year I attended the AFJROTC Summer Leadership School and was taught leadership qualities and teamwork.


The following year I was promoted to a First Lieutenant. I had two jobs: Color Guard Commander and Safety Officer. I was also in charge of teaching, leading and commanding the entire Color Guard team. This experience of bringing together over fifteen plus students and forming a disciplined team has been a great accomplishment in my AFJROTC career.


Boy Scouts would have to be one of the best experiences in my life. In February of 2009 my father and stepmother took me to my first Boy Scouts meeting. My mother was not very supportive of me becoming a Boy Scout, she believed it was a waste of time. During the last three years my father and stepmother have been very supportive in my decision to stay and be active in Boy Scouts. On November 1, 2012 I became an Eagle Scout. As an Eagle Scout I have learned friendship, brotherhood and leadership.


While in Boy Scouts, I have attended over fifty hiking trips, spent over one hundred nights sleeping in the outdoors, completed over twenty-four merit badges and have held multiple leadership positions. I also was elected the Senior Patrol Leader for 2013 and will lead over sixty Boy Scouts.


In the Summer of 2012 I was accepted into the Devil Pups program, a ten day youth leadership development program hosted by the Marines. I was very determined to get into this program and after my third year of competing for a spot I was accepted.


While at Devil Pups we were under the supervision of the Marines, they challenged us both mentally and physically. We pushed our bodies to extreme limits. We learned to never ever give up and to conquer our fears and overcome challenges. We also learned many traits of leadership, citizenship and to work as a team. Even though it was only ten days, it felt like we learned a lifetime of experiences. The experience also made me realize I can do anything I put my mind to and that I want to become an officer in the military.

In conclusion, all of these personal life experiences have changed my life dramatically and through them I have adapted and overcame my adversities. These programs have shaped me into a better person both mentally and physically and have given me leadership skills.


10) Why Would I Want To Attend Summer Seminar Experience at Air Force Academy

While at Summer Leadership School with my AFJROTC class, hosted by March Air Force Reserve Base this last summer. We were exposed to many Air Force jobs and duties. We learned about leadership, teamwork and discipline. Everyday we would wake up at 0600 and physically train our bodies. Later, we learned about  what it is like to be a mechanic, pilot, comptroller, and military police.We followed many traditions while there to increase our understanding of the Air Force.To summerize this experiece, I saw what members of the United States Airforce do in their everyday lives and that is what i want to do in mine.

During the Summer Seminar I expect to experience a lot of things similar to SLS school but at more intense level while at the Air Force Academy .

First, I expect to experience the cadet academic life and how the cadets act in their classes, including study habits. I expect to learn what it is like to serve as an Air Force Officer.  I also expect to live amongst the cadets in the dormitories and also eat with the cadets in the dining facility.  While there I expect to explore some of the academics majors at the academies.    Afterwards, we will probably be exposed to some of the athletics at the academy. We are probably going to be tested on military knowledge and room inspections similar to all freshman cadets.

While at the Academy I also expect to be exposed to the military training of the Air Force.  I also expect the Air Force core values to be showing at its best while there. I hope the experience at the Air Force Academy further motivates me to become An United States Air Force Officer.

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