Mr Friend King Scooby Samaniego


I adopted King Scooby Samaniego
At the age of seven. Yes, I named him after King Kong and Scooby doo and I chose him, while we were at the Redlands animal shelter he was the only one who didn’t bark, a black German Shepard/Rottweiler mix . Cage number 9.

I grew up with King teaching him simple tricks like fetch, sit, high five, and go to bed(but all he would do was lay down). He always whined but never barked unless there was an intruder. My favorite memories of him were when he would roll over on his back and I would scratch his belly.

My only regret is not taking him on a camping trip. The last thing I wanted him to experience.

With him gone now, the house feels a little less happy, a little more empty, just like the feelings of our hearts.

Some people have told me that King left because he sensed I was too was soon going to be leaving. His job as my dog was done. If this is true , it is not fair: for Bella, for minie(his gf) or for the rest of the family.

When he passed, I never have cried so much and felt more pain than any loss.
Inside I feel abandoned, anger, sadness and emptiness. But I know we will soon be together in our next life.

RIP King,
I will always love you.


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