Feista Island Troop 11

Last weekend I went on my first trip to Fiesta Island.

At Fiesta Island we were ridding our bikes and exploring San Diego.A lot of us had a lot of fun, but one funny story i heard at he end of trip made me laugh so much i had to tell you.

One the anteaters(youngest patrol in the troop) was always in the back of the bike ride trip I later found out that his brakes were broken and didn’t tell anyone. Someone asked him what did you do when you had to stop he said put my feet down and pray.

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  1. Connie Loya says:

    That’s good that you all had a great time, As for your friend putting his foot down and saying a prayer, Never under estimate the power of prayer, it worked didn’t it. Just like air you can’t see it but you breath & feel it,You know it’s there. Just like GOD he hear’s your prayer’s and see your need’s. Mijo I’m glad you had fun, This is one for your memory book.

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