Devil Pup Eagle

My certificate for completing the Devil Pup Eagle Program

I am now back from Camp Pendleton as a Devil Pup Eagle. I had a great learning experience on what the officers do and the administrative side of the Devil Pup Program. I got to work with A PFC and a Corporal in the Marines.

I also got to meet and help out Captains, and Staff Sgts. I got to participate in the PT test and every run including the 5 1/2 mile beach run, leading from the front.

I had a great part in helping the program run, and I wish Devil Pups the best of luck for their upcoming years and looking forward maybe some day coming back to help again.

Now time to go to Yosemite for 31 mile backpacking trip and climb Half Dome. We are going straight their from Camp Pendleton. I think its 10 hour drive.

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