Dean of The Naval Academy Visits with Andrew Samaniego

That is hard to believe, but that is what actually happen.

Last week while, I was in Devil Pups I received an invitation for a rare opportunity to visit with Dean Latta, The Dean of Admission for the United States Naval Academy.

So my parents had to leave from our Yosemite camping trip 1 day early to make sure I got to this meeting, that was held at Congressman Mark Takano office in Riverside.

I was expecting to see at least 50+ people at this event and was surprised to see only 6 total candidates in the room and their parents.

He spent almost 3 hours with us explaining the process of getting admitted. I was even more surprised when Dean Latta mentioned he wanted to speak with me one-on-one and he pulled out my file and told me what was good and what I need to do to become an even stronger candidate.

I truly appreciated this rare opportunity. Thank you Dean Latta.


I am leaving Congressman Takanos office after some one-on-one time with Dean Latta

I am leaving Congressman Takano office after some one-on-one time with Dean Latta

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