Congressman Paul Cook Service Academy Night in Yucaipa

Samaniego wearing Midshipman Hat at Service Academy Night

Last Night, Congressman Paul Cooks Office had a service academy night at Yucaipa Community Center. The local representatives from the Naval Academy, West Point and the Air Force Academy where at the event.

It was a surprised to see my Naval Academy, Blue and Gold Officer, Don Riojas at the event. The last time I saw him he was interviewing me for the Naval Academy.

I had a chance to speak to Col. Leja. He is the local resident that was the first student from Yucaipa High School to attend the Air Force Academy and I also found out he started the Air Force JROTC program at Yucaipa High School.

He is now retired from Air Force and is an American Airline pilot.

I was really surprisedĀ to see how few students show up to this great event. I honestly believe that more people need to find out about all the service academy and what a great opportunity it is not only to get unbelievableĀ education, but more importantly give us a chance to serve our country. I would like to come back to my community in the future and promote the service academy to our youth. I will put that on my wish list.

At the Naval Academy table, Mr. Riojas had a hat from the Naval Academy, and I got a chance with his permission to try it on, and it was a perfect fit.

Is this picture below a look into my future? I hope so? But for now it is a sit an wait for the admission to go through my file and make a decision.

I will just continue working hard at school, swim team, scouts, and keep taking the SAT and ACT exams.

Thank you to CongressmanĀ Col. Paul Cook, Ret., Matt Knox, and Jan Leja for putting this event today.

Samaniego wearing Midshipman Hat at Service Academy Night

Samaniego wearing Midshipman Hat at Service Academy Night

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