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Video: Cutting the Cake at Navy Birthday Party

(Video) The first 3 weeks of Indoc…Fast Paced!

Fire Training at NAPS

Naval Academy Indoc Training

This is a great video created by one of our detailers, MIDN 1/C Radix Harris ’15.

This is video overview of our Indoc training at the US Naval Academy Preparatory School. This is mostly Company 2, Class of 2015. Indoc was intense, fast paced, fun, and just a taste of what we will be doing next year during plebe summer.


Ropes Course at Naval Academy Prep School

Ropes Course at NAPS

This is my company and platoon during ropes course at the United States Naval Academy Prep School during indoc training.

Dynamite – Looks like Naval Academy is having some fun!

The Making of an Officer – USNA (VIDEO)

USNA Midshipman

I found this great documentary called, “The Making of an Officer,” at the United States Naval Academy. It is great insight what I have to look forward to for next 5 years.



Video I recorded when I started my blog (Video)

First video I recorded when I started my blog.

My dad had me record this video almost 4 years ago. I don’t believe I was really that young 🙂


Failure is not option – Devil Pups

I tried out for Marine Corp Devil Pup Program, and I didn’t make it. I didn’t get a high enough score in my PT Test.

I was one of the youngest people trying out. I am only 13, most of the kids trying out where between 15-16 years old. I failed, but I am not giving up. I try again next year and the next.

I will make it to Devil Pups. Failure is not option.

Here are couple pictures my dad took and little post video.