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Class of 2019 – I-day

Class of 2019 Oath of Office

Navy vs SD. State – Poinsettia Bowl



Parents Weekend and the Navy Ball

I missed her.

This past weekend was parents weekend at US Naval Academy Prep School. My parents came to visit for few days, we went to the 239th Navy Birthday Ball and I was honored to cut the cake as the youngest Navy Person at the party. It was nice have a overnight getaway and just relaxing with family.






I missed her.

Grandma is doing better

grandmother poem

As many of you may have heard. My Grandma Angie recently suffered a stroke in our home. Lucky for us my dad was home when this happened, and I think because of his past medical training as a medic in army and EMT training.
My grandmother was treated by my dad, and he called the ambulance immediately and was in the emergency room within 30 minutes.

The doctor told us my dad fast reaction and getting her to the emergency room probably saved her life.

Thanks for all your prayers

Navy ROTC Interview

navy rotc

I had my Navy ROTC interview this evening with LTJG Gomez. It was couple hours long and went pretty good. He said something that made me think. He said one of my best qualities is how “humble” I am. However, he said if I am planning on having a military career I need to be able to be able to talk about my accomplishments and achievements. It was great learning experience.

Now time to get home and pack my clothes. I am leaving for the Air Force Academy for 4 days in morning.

Navy ROTC Interview with LTJG Gomez.

Navy ROTC Interview with LTJG Gomez.

Samaniego Earns Gold Eagle Palm Award


Today, I officially earned my Gold Eagle Palm Award. Which is the second of the three palms that are awarded the three are Bronze, Gold and then Silver.

Below are the detailed requirements for earning Palms. Remember palms are not a rank, but an award you earn after becoming an Eagle Scout.

After becoming an Eagle Scout, you may earn Palms by completing the following requirements:

  1. Be active in your troop and patrol for at least 3 months after becoming an Eagle Scout or after the award of last Palm.*
  2. Demonstrate Scout spirit by living the Scout Oath (Promise) and Scout Law in your everyday life.
  3. Make a satisfactory effort to develop and demonstrate leadership ability.
  4. Earn five additional merit badges beyond those required for Eagle or last Palm.**.
  5. Take Part in a Scoutmaster conference.
  6. Complete your board of review.

As of today, I have about 11 months left in my scouting career and looking forward to helping make difference in my troop and in other scouts.

Medical Qualified :-)


I just heard few days ago that my Department of Defense Medical Examination came back as “Qualified.”

That is best possible news I could have received.

Now back to studying for ACT.



Bronze Eagle Award

It feels good to advance...

Last Wednesday, I was the master of ceremony for our bi-annual Court of Honor ceremonies. There where about 140+ (Scouts and family members) people attending

We welcomed 14 new members to our Troop 11. I believe now our troop is just over 70 members.

That is a lot people to be in charge off, but I enjoy the challenge.

We rank advanced our scouts, awarded merit badges, and awarded the Paul Foster Eagle Scout Scholarship to my friend, Colin Shaffer.

I was also awarded the “Bronze Award” for my Eagle Status. I heard that only 1 in 10 Eagle Scout ever earned that “Bronze Award.” I also received 4 additional merit badges: Climbing, Scholarship, Engineering, and Cinematography.

But most importantly we kept our “Coffee Pot” Award for winning Pop Nye Challenge again.

Here, few pictures from that night.


Helping Devin McGloin with his Eagle Project

2013-03-23 14.52.18

We had another wonderful weekend helping Devin McGloin of our Boy Scout Troop 11 complete his Eagle Project at Redlands High School. Congratulations Devin looking forward to another brother eagle.


NASA recognizes Andrew Samaniego Eagle Achivement

I got this cool letter from NASA in regards to my Eagle Award. NASASamaniegoAndrew

Andrew Samaniego Eagle Court of Honor this Sunday at Unity of Yucaipa


Andrew Samaniego Elected Redlands Troop 11 Senior Patrol Leader

Today I was elected among our 60+ boy scouts in Redlands Troop 11 to be their Senior Patrol Leader for the 2013 year. I am honored and looking forward to keeping Redlands Oldest Boy Scout tradition strong!

Samaniego Elected Senior Patrol Leader for Troop 11

Samaniego Elected Senior Patrol Leader for Troop 11

Scoutmaster hands over Senior Patrol Leader to Samaniego

Scoutmaster hands over Senior Patrol Leader to Samaniego

Big Week of Winners

On Saturday 16 April 2011 the rhinos took home the coffee pot for wining Pop Nye! While there we climb a 13 foot wall, shot rifles, threw tomahawks and shot targets with bows and arrows. At the end of the award Ceremony i got elected by my troop for order of the arrow! Order of the Arrow is like the honor society for the boy scouts. The Wednesday later after Pop Nye i earned my Life Scout that is only one more away from EAGLE!!!

Bogart Park Troop 11

Last Weekend our troop went to Bogart park to prepare for Pop Nye.

When we got there our Senior Patrol Leader told us to not set up our tents, because of expecting rain. As soon as the adults set up there sites of the events the senior patrol leader told us to start. The first event our patrol did was fire building because it was very cold. We built a fire in under 15 minutes which is horrible. So after we did the other events we went back to fire building to get a better time. After some tips from our former scoutmaster Mr. Welsh we made a fire in under 10 minutes.

After our patrol was done i decided to do it by myself for practice for Super Scout. Super scout is A competition within Pop Nye for scouts first class and up to use boy scout abilities efficiently. I finished my fire in 23 minutes. I know i will do better when Pop Nye comes.