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Anaza Borego Hiking Trip with Troop 11


This was our first hike of the year. We hike about 10 miles total. It was great hike to start year and my last time here with the Scouts.

Air Force Academy Pictures from my visit

2013-11-21 10.20.44

Here was just few of the pictures I took at the Air Force Academy during my visit.

Local Senior Stays Busy on His Way To Military Career

Andrew Samaniego - Yucaipa News Mirror
Andrew Samaniego - Yucaipa News Mirror

Andrew Samaniego – Yucaipa News Mirror

21 Mile Hike on the Pacific Crest Trail

Nothing like a 21 day hike.

I went out on a 21 mile day hike today with my fellow scout Aidan McGloin and two adult leaders, Mr. Leysena and Mr. Becker.

We started at 6:30am and finished up by late afternoon.

It was great hike, now I need to get home for Color Guard Assignment this evening for Eagle Court of Honor.


Trip to Air Force Academy Canceled Due To Government Shutdown!

Air Force Academy

I got the email from the Air Force Academy. That due to the current government shutdown they have cancelled my 4-day visitation to the Academy. I was ready to go, and all my teachers gave me my homework assignments. But it is a no-go!

They did reschedule the trip to November 19-22th. Hopefully the government is back up and working by that week.

I still have my official candidate visit plan for the Naval Academy in two weeks. I just hope that it is not cancelled as well. I know my Congressman Col. Paul Cook is doing his best to get us going again.


Andrew Samaniego invited to United States Air Force Academy.


As many of you know my dream is to become an officer in the United States Military. Over 9 months ago I started the process of applying to the United States Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, Coast Guard Academy and United States Military Academy at West Point.

I had the honor of attending the Naval Academy Summer Seminar and have been invited back to the USNA on an Official Candidate Visit in October.

This afternoon I came home and recieved a letter and email from the Air Force Academy.

Inviting me to the Air Force Academy for 4 days in October. I was honored for the invitation, but was shocked when I read the email (see below), they are paying all expenses to visit the Air Force Academy.

I was one of 30 chosen for this event and that is an honor considering last year there was over 9706 applicants to USAF academy.

Again, I am honored to have been chosen and need to let them know if I am attending by Tuesday.

I say this with hesitation just because I have already planned on missing school for 3 days in October to attend the Naval Academy and with this visit I would miss another 4 days of school.

This is quite of bit of missed school when you have AP Calculus and Chemistry.

If I can work it out with my teachers and make sure I stay current with my work. I will definitely go visit the Air Force Academy.

Any advice is welcome.


Andrew Samaniego invited to Air Force Academy

Andrew Samaniego invited to Air Force Academy

This email tells me all expense are paid to visit Air Force Academy.

This email tells me all expense are paid to visit Air Force Academy.

Heading back to Annopolis


That is right, I am going back to the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland.

I received message from the USNA and it said:

We would like to offer you the opportunity to spend a weekend at the United States Naval Academy (USNA) in Annapolis, Maryland. …This visit program is offered to only select group of candidates. You will have to opportunity to attend classes, participate in sporting activities, lodge in the dormitories, and tor the excellent facilities at the USNA.

Originally I didn’t think I was going to be able to attend due to cost airline tickets back to the East Coast (not cheap).

But my parents told to register for the program and let them figure out the plane tickets.

So I have been confirmed for the weekend of October 17-19th.

I keep you all posted.


8 Mile Hike to Mazanita Peak

2013-07-13 08.49.32

I got home yesterday from Air Force JROTC Summer Leadership School. Then I overhead my parents they where going on a 8 mile training hike this morning to Mazanita Peak in the San Bernardino National Forest.

“Mazanita Peak?”

I’ve never done that hike. So instead of getting some rest today to get ready for my two weeks with Devil Pups. I went on the hike with my parents and my Boy Scout Assitant Scoutmaster Mr. Kerhylein aka “daddddy.”

I figured I needed to get a least one hike in this summer before our big hike to Yosemite Half Dome in 3 weeks.

I get at least 10 days rest this summer before school starts.


2013 Air Force JROTC Summer Leadership School Completed


I just completed SLS (Summer Leadership School) for our Air Force JROTC program. Originally, I wasn’t planning on attending this summer program, but week opened up and we cancelled our family trip to Washington State.

So I figured another week of Summer Leadership School is where I needed to be.

It was held at March Air Force Base here in Southern California. This year I was the Deputy Group Commander. I learned a lot of great leadership skills and got to practise some leadership skills.

Now it’s time to pack up and get ready for Devil Pups. I leave on Monday.



American Legion 76th Boys State was amazing.

Group Photo of my City of Drake American Legion Boys State

Had an amazing time at California’s Boy State program. I got to create our own city, county and state governments to learn how it works.

I got the chance to meet the best of the best future citizens of California, I was also appointed the head of security under secret service for the governor of California.

I ran for Senate office, unfortunately I was not elected, but I learned a lot about the political process of running for office.

I have learned how corrupt politics can be if you have the wrong people in an office, and I have gained much more respect to politicians as they try to help improve the country that is tough job trying to get anyone to agree on anything almost seem impossible.

I wanted to thank the American Legion organization especially my local American Legion Post #426.

I get to spend next few days at home relaxing just for little bit because I leave for JROTC Air Force Summer Leadership School at March Air Force Base here in California for 7 days.

I check with you all later..


P.S. Below are some pictures from my Boys State Trip and few awards.

25 Mile Canoe Trip from Hoover Dam with My Dad and Troop 11

Having a great time with our Troop we went on this 3 Day Canoe Trip 25 Miles Down Colorado River from Hoover Dam.
Started canoe trip bright an early 4:30am

Started canoe trip bright an early 4:30am

Dad and I at Hoover Dam ready to canoe 25 miles over next 3 days.

Dad and I at Hoover Dam ready to canoe 25 miles over next 3 days.

Morning breakfast with "Pumpkin Head."

Morning breakfast with “Pumpkin Head.”

Dad climbing down this hot spring waterfall!

Dad climbing down this hot spring waterfall!