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Speaking Engagement -Fire up for Scouting

Builing Fire for Speed

I will be speaking this Wednesday evening at Boy Scout event, Fired Up For Scouting. Looking forward to sharing my story. See Details below

Fired Up For Scouting

Keynote Speaker at California BSA’s Inland Empire Council Award Dinner

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I was honored to speak at the California Inland Empire Council’s Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner last night the Moreno Vally Conference and Recreation Center.

I was asked by Paul Foster, Mayor-Pro Tem of the City of Redlands, and Executive Board Member of the CIEC council to speak at this event.

The title of my speech was, “What Being an Eagle Scout Means to Me.”

Congressional Nomination Interview – Done

Andrew Samaniego

Today, my dad drove me up to Apple Valley to do my congressional nomination interview with Congressman Paul Cook’s office. There were 3 military representatives along with a local community leader and a member of Congressman Cook. I felt good after the interview and they said we should find out the results in a few weeks.

So now I am finally finished with applying and interviewing to 5 Service Academies, 9 colleges and two ROTC scholarship interviews.

The waiting game has begun and now it’s time for him to just enjoy that last 6 months of high school.

Andrew Samaniego

Andrew Samaniego

Murder Board was a success.

"Murder Board" - This was my prep for my congressional interview.

Just finished up my “Murder Board.” It was a great “mock” interview to prepare for my congressional nomination interview.  I got some great advice on how to improve my interview. I ready for tomorrow Congressional nomination interview with Congressman Paul Cook office. Thank you to Woody AndrewsEamonn McGloin, and Charlene Varela and my Dad for helping put this together.

"Murder Board" - This was my prep for my congressional interview.

“Murder Board” – This was my prep for my congressional interview.

Reminder don't shake my legs.

Reminder don’t shake my legs.

Murder Board Today at 11AM


What is Murder Board? I learned about it at Greystone Prep School website. The Murder Board is a professional preparation for the actual congressional nomination interview.

I decided I like to do a practise interview that will happen today.

My Dad helped me get few local professionals from our community to ask me questions that where asked to other Service Academies candidates.

My congressional nomination interview with Congressman Paul Cook office is tomorrow at 3pm.

I think this will be great practise to see how I can have the best congressional nomination.


Congressman Cook, meet and greet in Yucaipa

Congressman Paul Cook at Yucaipa Meet and Greet.

Last night, my dad and I spent evening at Yucaipa Community Center where Congressman Col. Paul Cook (ret), hosted his first meet and greet since becoming the congressman for our district. It was standing room only. I got a chance to talk with Congressman Cook, and he wished me luck in my upcoming nomination interview with his office in a few weeks.

I was sitting with my ROTC Instructors, Col. Maldonado and Tech. Sgt.

Mayor Denise Hoyt at the event as well. Did you know that Mayor is one my assistant swimming coaches and the counselor to my Yucaipa Youth Advisory Committee.


Congressman Paul Cook at Yucaipa Meet and Greet.

Congressman Paul Cook at Yucaipa Meet and Greet.

Congressional Interview with Col. Paul Cook

Nomination Panel Interview with Paul Cooks Office

I was just notified that my congressional interview with Col. Paul Cook(ret) office is on January 4, 2014.

I am excited about this interview and looking forward to sharing with the panel my desire to serve my country. The one thing that has prepared me for this interview has been the last five years of interviews with the Boy Scouts. Every rank advancement we had to do a skills review, scoutmaster interview and board reviews. Thank God for scouting.

I am planning on doing a “mock” board review with the help of some of the scout parents to help me better prepare for my nomination panel interview. I am going to trying to get that done in next couple weeks.

I am asking for nomination to Naval Academy, West Point, Air Force Academy and the Merchant Marine Academy. My application to all the academies is complete except the Merchant Marine Academy. I have few more items to finish up this next week on the Merchant Marine Academy.

Here is the letter I received from Congressman Cooks office.


Nomination Panel Interview with Paul Cooks Office

Nomination Panel Interview with Paul Cooks Office


Naval Academy Candidate Visit Weekend Experience (Video)

Samaniego at Naval Academy

Earlier today, my minister asked me to share my Candidate Visit Weekend experience at the United States Naval Academy.

The story begins with a flight that was delayed 4 hours on Thursday, because of some ticketing problem. After 9 hour combined flight I get to Annopolis at 11:30 am instead of the original arriving time of 6:20pm

I was picked up by Supper Shuttle and dropped off at a locked gate at 12am. This where the fun begins.

It was a very unique, and challenging experience trying to get on the campus after 12am in the morning. I finally made my way into my Plebes room but not until 3am. Then 2 hours later was wake up call to do “Chow Calls”

Huge lesson learned from my trip. Make sure you take a working cell phone when flying out of town.

Hope you enjoy my story.

Air Force Academy has moved up my interview date

Present Arms!

I got message from my Dad that the Air Force Academy wanted to moved up my interview date from January to next week to be considered under their early notification program.

I am here at the Naval Academy having amazing time at candidate visit weekend.

I get home tomorrow, I have speech on Sunday at church and then I am attending my friends, Jonathon Stanley, Eagle Court of Honor on Sunday.