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Rhino Patrol Takes Pop Nye Competition

Rhino Patrol of Redlands Troop 11 Take Pop Ny Competion

Rhino Patrol of Redlands Troop 11 Take Pop Ny Competion


At our annual Boy Scout Competition in Redlands. The Pop Nye event, one of the funnest things is our wall climbing competition. Rhino patrol shows you how its done! KINDA 🙂


Boy Scout Troop 11 of Redlands Sweep Boy Scout Pop Nye Competition

Last Weekend on the 17th and 18th of April our Boy Scout Troop 11 from Redlands was getting ready to go to Pop-Nye! Pop-Nye is a competition were some Boy-scouts in the Inland Empire compete using scout like crafts.

Here is a list of the field events we competed in:

  1. First aid
  2. Map and g.p.s
  3. The Wall (climb a 10 foot wall with only your patrol to pick/pull you up)
  4. Plant id and Animal tracks (Identify certain plants and animal tracks)
  5. Knots (Tie certain knots in 30 seconds)
  6. Rifle Shooting
  7. Archery
  8. Bridge to River Nye (Build a bridge of small beam and don’t fall off)
  9. Fire building
  10. Pop Nye Challenge (go though an obstacle course)
  11. Rope rescue (Throw a rope to a scout that is 20 ft away)
  12. Sling Shot

Our patrol the Rhinos one many awards but all i can remember was the “1st place overall field events”. I thought the hardest event was the wall, because we had Louie Bottenburg last to pull up and he was the heaviest, but in a instant we got him up.


At the end of the day two of our patrol members got in a small disagreement, George went to a competition,and the rest of us were resting in the tent after a long day. Then another scout asked the rest of the patrol,”do we really want to cook and get dishes dirty”. Our patrol said “no”, So we started to pack up and bring down the tent. One scout took out all the stuff out of the tent and started too fold it. When George got back he was unhappy we didn’t make dinner and took his stuff out of the tent. George felt disrespected and thought we gave up on the competition. With help of our patrol leader and our Scoutmaster we solved the problem.

What I learned from this experience, next year we will make dinner and try our best to win the competition, no matter how tired we are we have to finish the competition all the way through.

Congratulations, Boy Scouts Troop 11 of Redlands for a great job winning many awards and big shout out to FireBirds of Troop 11 for sweeping overall award 2 years in the row!

Andrew Samaniego 1st Class
Rhino Patrol

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Long day at Pre Pop Nye

We had a long day at pre pop nye at Bogart Park. The hardest thing about it was fire building, it took about 15 mininutes in the hot sun making little pieces of wood. The good news is we burned the string with our fire and finished. Later we went down to a river/stream and had fun making a dam made up with rocks and wood.

Are You ready for Pop Nye?

Just got done eating dinner, now i am preparing for pre pop nye by putting my 10 essentials in my bag. Pop Nye is a competition against other boy scout troops testing their scout-craft skills like fire-building, first-aid, rifle shooting and more. So tomorrow i am going to pre pop nye so are troop could practice for the real competition.

In my essential ten:

  1. Pocketknife
  2. First-aid kit
  3. extra clothing
  4. rain gear
  5. water-bottle
  6. flashlight
  7. trail food
  8. a flint/fire-starter
  9. sun screen
  10. compass