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Murder Board was a success.

"Murder Board" - This was my prep for my congressional interview.

Just finished up my “Murder Board.” It was a great “mock” interview to prepare for my congressional nomination interview.  I got some great advice on how to improve my interview. I ready for tomorrow Congressional nomination interview with Congressman Paul Cook office. Thank you to Woody AndrewsEamonn McGloin, and Charlene Varela and my Dad for helping put this together.

"Murder Board" - This was my prep for my congressional interview.

“Murder Board” – This was my prep for my congressional interview.

Reminder don't shake my legs.

Reminder don’t shake my legs.

Congressional Interview with Col. Paul Cook

Nomination Panel Interview with Paul Cooks Office

I was just notified that my congressional interview with Col. Paul Cook(ret) office is on January 4, 2014.

I am excited about this interview and looking forward to sharing with the panel my desire to serve my country. The one thing that has prepared me for this interview has been the last five years of interviews with the Boy Scouts. Every rank advancement we had to do a skills review, scoutmaster interview and board reviews. Thank God for scouting.

I am planning on doing a “mock” board review with the help of some of the scout parents to help me better prepare for my nomination panel interview. I am going to trying to get that done in next couple weeks.

I am asking for nomination to Naval Academy, West Point, Air Force Academy and the Merchant Marine Academy. My application to all the academies is complete except the Merchant Marine Academy. I have few more items to finish up this next week on the Merchant Marine Academy.

Here is the letter I received from Congressman Cooks office.


Nomination Panel Interview with Paul Cooks Office

Nomination Panel Interview with Paul Cooks Office


JRROTC Nomination to Air Force Academy and Vice Presidential Nomination

VP Nomination

It’s been a really busy week working towards my post high school educational plans.

I took my Army ROTC scholarship interview at Pitzer College in Claremont, California on Thursday.

Then yesterday, I found out when I logged into my Air Force Academy Admission site,  they received a JRROTC nomination that I sent in a few months ago. That was pretty exciting, hopefully I will get awarded that nomination. I also submitted my Vice-Presidential nomination online and still waiting to hear from Congressman Paul Cook office for my congressional interview.

I know I still have a long way to go to get admitted to any of the military academies. I have been planning on my backup plans as well.

I have submitted applications to 8 other colleges just in case I am not admitted to any of the academies or their prep school programs.



JROTC Nomination Recieved at Air Force Academy

VP Nomination

Vice-President Nomination was submitted today

Congressional Nomination Turned into Congressman Paul Cooks Office

Dropping off nomination at Congressman Cooks office in Yucaipa.

I just got home today, from my Naval Academy 4 day visit. It was a great time and learned a lot about the Air Force Academy. However, it was cold all 4 days, the temperature during the football game last night was 13 degrees.

I will be posting pictures of the trip, on my blog.

Today is a huge day.

I came straight home from the airport and went to Congressman Paul Cooks office to turn in my congressional nomination package. It is one of the single most important things to do while applying for the academy, without, the nomination you cannot be accepted to any academy.

The only other nomination I need to finish is the Vice-President nomination.

This was my congressional nomination package.

This was my congressional nomination package.

Dropping off nomination at Congressman Cooks office in Yucaipa.

Dropping off nomination at Congressman Cooks office in Yucaipa.

Redlands Daily Facts Newspaper – Our Town Section

Samaniego In our local paper November 10, 2013

I saw this in the Redlands Daily Facts. Last Tuesday, it always nice to see someone recognize some of your accomplishments.

Samaniego In our local paper November 10, 2013

Samaniego In our local paper November 10, 2013


Naval Academy Blue and Gold Officer Visits Boy Scout Troop 11 in Redlands

Mr. Riojas, Blue and Gold Officer speaking at Naval Academy opportunites

I have been the Senior Patrol Leader for the last year of Redlands Troop 11, and my term is coming to the end soon.

Tonight was my last “regular” meeting. The only meetings left for the year is the court of honor next week and Christmas party in December.

I will miss our meeting on Nov 20th, because I will be at the Air Force Academy.

The one thing I wanted to do for my last meeting was bring in my, Blue and Gold Officer, Mr. Riojas from the Naval Academy to talk about what a great opportunity that not only Naval Academy has but the other service academies. He spoke about the ROTC scholarship opportunities and even Officer Candidate School.

He talked about the scouting program and what a great leadership program we have and how much the service academies like the scouting program.

If even one scout takes that information and changes their life it will be a great thing!

Here a couple pictures from our meeting.


Local Senior Stays Busy on His Way To Military Career

Andrew Samaniego - Yucaipa News Mirror
Andrew Samaniego - Yucaipa News Mirror

Andrew Samaniego – Yucaipa News Mirror

Pumpkin Carving 2013

Samaniego Family Pumpkins

This morning I took my ACT again and then for some relaxation we headed over to pumpkin patch with my family and then spent the evening carving my pumpkins.

Three hours later we finished up our pumpkins.

Naval Academy Candidate Visit Weekend Experience (Video)

Samaniego at Naval Academy

Earlier today, my minister asked me to share my Candidate Visit Weekend experience at the United States Naval Academy.

The story begins with a flight that was delayed 4 hours on Thursday, because of some ticketing problem. After 9 hour combined flight I get to Annopolis at 11:30 am instead of the original arriving time of 6:20pm

I was picked up by Supper Shuttle and dropped off at a locked gate at 12am. This where the fun begins.

It was a very unique, and challenging experience trying to get on the campus after 12am in the morning. I finally made my way into my Plebes room but not until 3am. Then 2 hours later was wake up call to do “Chow Calls”

Huge lesson learned from my trip. Make sure you take a working cell phone when flying out of town.

Hope you enjoy my story.

Air Force Academy has moved up my interview date

Present Arms!

I got message from my Dad that the Air Force Academy wanted to moved up my interview date from January to next week to be considered under their early notification program.

I am here at the Naval Academy having amazing time at candidate visit weekend.

I get home tomorrow, I have speech on Sunday at church and then I am attending my friends, Jonathon Stanley, Eagle Court of Honor on Sunday.

Leaving for Naval Academy Candidate Visit Weekend

Arriving Ontario Airport to leave for the Naval Academy.

I left this morning for Annapolis, Maryland to attend the Candidate Visit weekend at the Naval Academy.

I got here at Ontario Airport and found out my flight was changed and delayed about 4 hours.

I should be at Naval Academy around 11:30pm.

Going to be busy few days.

Congressman Paul Cook Service Academy Night in Yucaipa

Samaniego wearing Midshipman Hat at Service Academy Night

Last Night, Congressman Paul Cooks Office had a service academy night at Yucaipa Community Center. The local representatives from the Naval Academy, West Point and the Air Force Academy where at the event.

It was a surprised to see my Naval Academy, Blue and Gold Officer, Don Riojas at the event. The last time I saw him he was interviewing me for the Naval Academy.

I had a chance to speak to Col. Leja. He is the local resident that was the first student from Yucaipa High School to attend the Air Force Academy and I also found out he started the Air Force JROTC program at Yucaipa High School.

He is now retired from Air Force and is an American Airline pilot.

I was really surprised to see how few students show up to this great event. I honestly believe that more people need to find out about all the service academy and what a great opportunity it is not only to get unbelievable education, but more importantly give us a chance to serve our country. I would like to come back to my community in the future and promote the service academy to our youth. I will put that on my wish list.

At the Naval Academy table, Mr. Riojas had a hat from the Naval Academy, and I got a chance with his permission to try it on, and it was a perfect fit.

Is this picture below a look into my future? I hope so? But for now it is a sit an wait for the admission to go through my file and make a decision.

I will just continue working hard at school, swim team, scouts, and keep taking the SAT and ACT exams.

Thank you to Congressman Col. Paul Cook, Ret., Matt Knox, and Jan Leja for putting this event today.

Samaniego wearing Midshipman Hat at Service Academy Night

Samaniego wearing Midshipman Hat at Service Academy Night

Andrew Samaniego invited to United States Air Force Academy.


As many of you know my dream is to become an officer in the United States Military. Over 9 months ago I started the process of applying to the United States Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, Coast Guard Academy and United States Military Academy at West Point.

I had the honor of attending the Naval Academy Summer Seminar and have been invited back to the USNA on an Official Candidate Visit in October.

This afternoon I came home and recieved a letter and email from the Air Force Academy.

Inviting me to the Air Force Academy for 4 days in October. I was honored for the invitation, but was shocked when I read the email (see below), they are paying all expenses to visit the Air Force Academy.

I was one of 30 chosen for this event and that is an honor considering last year there was over 9706 applicants to USAF academy.

Again, I am honored to have been chosen and need to let them know if I am attending by Tuesday.

I say this with hesitation just because I have already planned on missing school for 3 days in October to attend the Naval Academy and with this visit I would miss another 4 days of school.

This is quite of bit of missed school when you have AP Calculus and Chemistry.

If I can work it out with my teachers and make sure I stay current with my work. I will definitely go visit the Air Force Academy.

Any advice is welcome.


Andrew Samaniego invited to Air Force Academy

Andrew Samaniego invited to Air Force Academy

This email tells me all expense are paid to visit Air Force Academy.

This email tells me all expense are paid to visit Air Force Academy.

Heading back to Annopolis


That is right, I am going back to the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland.

I received message from the USNA and it said:

We would like to offer you the opportunity to spend a weekend at the United States Naval Academy (USNA) in Annapolis, Maryland. …This visit program is offered to only select group of candidates. You will have to opportunity to attend classes, participate in sporting activities, lodge in the dormitories, and tor the excellent facilities at the USNA.

Originally I didn’t think I was going to be able to attend due to cost airline tickets back to the East Coast (not cheap).

But my parents told to register for the program and let them figure out the plane tickets.

So I have been confirmed for the weekend of October 17-19th.

I keep you all posted.


Medical Qualified :-)


I just heard few days ago that my Department of Defense Medical Examination came back as “Qualified.”

That is best possible news I could have received.

Now back to studying for ACT.