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21 Mile Hike on the Pacific Crest Trail

Nothing like a 21 day hike.

I went out on a 21 mile day hike today with my fellow scout Aidan McGloin and two adult leaders, Mr. Leysena and Mr. Becker.

We started at 6:30am and finished up by late afternoon.

It was great hike, now I need to get home for Color Guard Assignment this evening for Eagle Court of Honor.


Bronze Eagle Award

It feels good to advance...

Last Wednesday, I was the master of ceremony for our bi-annual Court of Honor ceremonies. There where about 140+ (Scouts and family members) people attending

We welcomed 14 new members to our Troop 11. I believe now our troop is just over 70 members.

That is a lot people to be in charge off, but I enjoy the challenge.

We rank advanced our scouts, awarded merit badges, and awarded the Paul Foster Eagle Scout Scholarship to my friend, Colin Shaffer.

I was also awarded the “Bronze Award” for my Eagle Status. I heard that only 1 in 10 Eagle Scout ever earned that “Bronze Award.” I also received 4 additional merit badges: Climbing, Scholarship, Engineering, and Cinematography.

But most importantly we kept our “Coffee Pot” Award for winning Pop Nye Challenge again.

Here, few pictures from that night.


Earned my climbing merit badge at Joshua Tree

I better make sure this knot is correct before rappeling

This weekend I attend our Troop 11 Boy Scout Joshua Tree event. It is one of my favorite events to attend, because our entire family get to do to Joshua Tree.

While there I spent 7 hours with 21 other scouts earning our “Climbing Merit Badge”

We had our chili cookoff, breakfast cookoff, and got to boulder. Nothing but fun!

New Star Scout for Troop 11 Redlands!

On August 25 2010 I became a Star Scout ! When I was going through my Board of review they asked me leadership questions like what would you do if a Scout didn’t listen to you or  Would you want to earn a merit badge or just have the patch. I wont answer these questions now because i don’t want any scouts taking my answers, but i did a Great job and earned my Star rank . I just have to wait until October to get my patch.

Troop 11 Santa Rosa Island Trip

On August 9 i went to probably the best camping trip this year! At Santa Rosa I went on a hike to Lobo Canyon there I saw a big crevice in the land and we hung out there looking for foxes. On that same hike we went to the other side of the island where there was a cliff that led strait into the ocean. There we ate lunch and i try to cast my line to go fishing….but no bites.The next day i decided to go to the beach and make a giant sand castle mountain.When high tide came in it collapsed, that’s when i saw one of our adult leaders catch a fish. I ran to go get my fishing pole and started catching (not fishing).That evening i caught five fish and I let one go(to earn my fishing merit badge.Overall this was probably the best camping trip this year.

Camp Emerson

Camp Emerson is now the first summer-camp I have been to. Camp Emerson is located in idyllwild place is cover with trees and mosquitoes.

When we got to camp we put all our equipment inside the tent and had some fun playing cards. The day after we got there we pack up our papers and writing supplies and started  to head to our classes. To me it felt like I was back at school going from class to class learning about many things.

My Merit Badge Goals For Camp Emerson Boy Scout Summer Camp 2010

I am on my way of getting many merit badges this week and next week .

This week I am planning to get my fishing merit badge and my rifle shooting merit badge from the Big Bass Pro Shop.

Next week I am going to go to summer camp. Summer camp is in Camp Emerson where you go to  earn merit badges. I will be gone for seven days learning about the following merit badges.

Here is a list of the merit badges I am planning to earn while at summer camp:

  1. Swimming
  2. Citizenship in the community
  3. Wilderness survival
  4. Carpentry
  5. Camping
  6. Communications

While at summer camp I am planning to take many pictures to show what summer camp looks like.

Get back to you after summer camp with lots of pictures.

Andrew Samaniego Earns The World Conservation Award

Environmental Science Merit Badge

Jurupa Mountain Cultural Center

Last weekend I went to a merit badge class and got my Soil and Water Conservation merit badge at the Jurupa Mountains Cultural Center, in Riverside. It is the same place I got my environmental science Merit badge. It’s pretty cool place to get merit badges, if your looking to take a merit badge, here is copy of the classes they have

Citizenship in the World

The Environmental Science, and Citizenship of the World merit badge’s are Eagle required merit badge.

Since I have Citizenship  in the World Merit Badge , Environmental Science Merit Badge , and Soil and Water Conservation Merit Badge, and I am a First Class Scout, I just found out I get World Conservation Award.  Which is pretty Cool!

Got my Soil & Water Conservation Badge

See you later,


P.S. This weekend i will be preparing for Pop Nye!

World Conservation Award patch

Soil and Water Conservation Merit Badge