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Army ROTC Scholarship


Last year, I started my journey to attend college and I applied to all the service academies and civilian schools and finally for the ARMY & NAVY ROTC Scholarships.

Although, I signed my letter of intent for the United States Naval Academy Prep School at the Naval Station in Newport, Rhode Island. It is interesting to see what could have happen.

Last week, I found out I was awarded a full ARMY ROTC scholarship to the University of Texas in San Antonio. I also received acceptances to Texas A&M and UC Riverside.

I mention in a earlier post I also received an appointment to the United States Merchant Marine Academy.I am curious still curious if I will receive any offers from Air Force Academy or West Point. They are supposed to notify us by April 15th.

It was neat getting the letter below.


Full Scholarship to University of Texas.

Full Scholarship to University of Texas.

Appointment to Unites States Merchant Marine Academy

I am honored by the Appointment to Merchant Marine Academy.

I am honored to have received an appointment to United States Merchant Marine Academy. I wanted to personally thank Congressman Paul Cook for the nomination to the academy. However, since I have accepted an appointment to United States Naval Academy Prep School, I will be turning down this appointment and I know someone else will have the honor to attend this amazing school.

The waiting is the hardest

Congressman Col. Paul Cook, Ret., California District 8

It has been two weeks since my congressional nomination interview with Congressman Paul Cook office in California District 8, and I am still waiting for the results, sometimes that is the hardest part.

I know someone in my district who recently found out he was nominated to USNA and West Point. I was happy for his nomination it must have felt great finding out.

Hopefully, I will know my results soon. I know January 31 is deadline for the service academies to get results.

On a different subject, the other day I got TWE (Tiny White Envelope) from the Naval Academy and that kinda of scared me.

A TWE is usually a bad thing, typically a kind rejection letter. Luckily, it was just Naval Academy informing me that the Vice-President received my request for Vice-Presidential nomination.

So I sit here fingers crossed I get my nomination to my primary choice the United States Naval Academy, however, any nomination to any academy is a complete honor.

“Patiently Waiting”

Congressman Col. Paul Cook, Ret., California District 8

Congressman Col. Paul Cook, Ret., California District 8

Congressional Nomination Interview – Done

Andrew Samaniego

Today, my dad drove me up to Apple Valley to do my congressional nomination interview with Congressman Paul Cook’s office. There were 3 military representatives along with a local community leader and a member of Congressman Cook. I felt good after the interview and they said we should find out the results in a few weeks.

So now I am finally finished with applying and interviewing to 5 Service Academies, 9 colleges and two ROTC scholarship interviews.

The waiting game has begun and now it’s time for him to just enjoy that last 6 months of high school.

Andrew Samaniego

Andrew Samaniego