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Local Senior Stays Busy on His Way To Military Career

Andrew Samaniego - Yucaipa News Mirror
Andrew Samaniego - Yucaipa News Mirror

Andrew Samaniego – Yucaipa News Mirror

Devil Pup Eagle

My certificate for completing the Devil Pup Eagle Program

I am now back from Camp Pendleton as a Devil Pup Eagle. I had a great learning experience on what the officers do and the administrative side of the Devil Pup Program. I got to work with A PFC and a Corporal in the Marines.

I also got to meet and help out Captains, and Staff Sgts. I got to participate in the PT test and every run including the 5 1/2 mile beach run, leading from the front.

I had a great part in helping the program run, and I wish Devil Pups the best of luck for their upcoming years and looking forward maybe some day coming back to help again.

Now time to go to Yosemite for 31 mile backpacking trip and climb Half Dome. We are going straight their from Camp Pendleton. I think its 10 hour drive.

Four More Days As Devil Pup Eagle


It’s been a great time here at Devil Pups working as Eagle. I have been here 8 days and have 4 more days to go until graduation for our 2013 2nd Increment Devil Pups.

My parents pick me up on Saturday and then off to Yosemite for my 25+ mile hike to Half Dome with Boys Scout Troop 11.

Have to go..


Going Back to Marine Corp Devil Pups, as an Eagle!

With my training Sargents at Devil Pups 2012

Yesterday, I got a letter from Col Trace P. Deneke USMCR (RET). It was the letter I’ve been waiting for anxiously.

It read, ” Dear Andrew, Congratulations on being selected for duty as an Eagle for the 2013 Encampment!….Your selection is significant, and undoubtedly represents a precursor for future positive reviews as it applies to your character.”

I did it!

I became an Eagle for the Devil Pup program. I report to Camp Pendelton on July 15 and will be there for 13 days. I know this will be amazing leadership training experience for me.

My summer is now officially book for 2013.

I leave for The Naval Academy Summer Seminar program on June 15 to June 21.

Then jump on plane from Annapolis, Maryland and fly to California to be on bus to Sacramento to attend the 76 Session of the American Legion Boys State program in Sacramento, California from June 22 to June 28.

Then two weeks later I leave for Camp Pendlton for the Devil Pup program.

Now it’s time to get in even better shape to get ready for summer!

Below are some pictures of graduation last summer at Devil Pups and my official selection letter for Devil Pup Eagle Program for Summer 2013, 2nd Encampment.


This was my official selection letter for Devil Pups 2013

This was my official selection letter for Devil Pups 2013



Devil Pup Video from This Summer

I finally got my DVD video of my 10 Day Leadership Camp. You can see me briefly in the bus as I arrived at Camp Pendleton. You will see on the right side of the bus at 3:40 section of the video. Enjoy!



Devil Pup Graduation – The hardest thing I have ever accomplished!


Ruiz, Samaniego and Foley Graduation from Devil Pups

Marine Sgt that trained us at Devil Pups.
Marine Sgt that trained us at Devil Pups.



Andrew Samaniego Completed Devil Pups

Andrew Samaniego Completed Devil Pups


Failure is not option – Devil Pups

I tried out for Marine Corp Devil Pup Program, and I didn’t make it. I didn’t get a high enough score in my PT Test.

I was one of the youngest people trying out. I am only 13, most of the kids trying out where between 15-16 years old. I failed, but I am not giving up. I try again next year and the next.

I will make it to Devil Pups. Failure is not option.

Here are couple pictures my dad took and little post video.