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Yucaipa City Council and Court of Honor

Andrew being introduced to City of Yucaipa Council Member and Mayor Hoyt

It was a busy day today. Right after school I had to attend Yucaipa City Council meeting I was going to be introduced to the City Council as of the Youth Representatives that was appointed to the Youth Advisory Group. This could be the start to my future political career. I think Andrew Samaniego, Mayor of Yucaipa has a nice ring.

After I finished my meeting at City Council I rushed to Boys Scout Troop 11 Winter Court of Honor. I MC the final court of honor for the year where recognize rank advancements, merit badges, and we even had the troop elections for our next Senior Patrol Leader.

I was awarded my Silver Bronze Award and received 4 merit badges.

Yucaipa JROTC Color Guard at Eagle Court of Honor

Andrew Samaniego

Yesterday was busy day.  After my 21 mile hike today, and I rushed out the door to an Eagle Court of Honor.

A member of my JROTC unit at Yucaipa High School became an Eagle Scout.I

I had to the pleasure to be part of his flag ceremony with other members from my JROTC unit.


Eagle Mentor Pin – Thank you Eagle Scout Jonathan Stanley

Jonathan awarding me the Eagle Mentor Pin

Earning your Eagle Scout award is a huge accomplishment that I earned in November 2012, but I felt what is as important is those parent volunteers that help you become an Eagle Scout

Almost 11 months ago, I made a goal that no one knew about, it was just after I had become Senior Patrol Leader of my troop back in January 2013.

My goal was to become an”Eagle Mentor” to a scout who becomes an Eagle Scout. No one knew about that goal except me. I wanted to have an influence on another Eagle Scout. I was almost certain you had to be adult to earn the award. So I knew it could take a few years before I you could earn that honor.

On Sunday I was attending my friend Jonathan Stanley Eagle Court of Honor in Redlands. I was totally caught off guard while he was presenting his “Eagle Mentor” pins he called me up to be recognized.

I was completed honored and humbled by Jonathan.

Thank you Jonathan, you are a great Eagle Scout, and I know you will be a mentor to many future Eagle Scouts.