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Pop Nye – What happen to your shirt?

Andrew Samaniego chosen as the 2014 Superscout

I finally got a copy of the Redlands Daily Facts where I was building a fire during the Super Scout competition. While building the fire I had to take my shirt off to block the wind from blowing out the fire. Fortunately, I was the first to burn the rope and win the overall competition.


Troop 11 Eagle Project led by Brett

Rock garden and seculence garden

This was second Eagle project this month with my troop. My friend, Brett Everst, completed his Eagle Project at Unity of Yucaipa Church. We built a rock and succulence garden that was the final part of another Eagle Project we did a Labyrinth, last year led by Ventura Wilson.



Colin Norris Eagle Project at Yucaipa Equestrian Center

Putting in irrigation system for new trees we planted

Just finished up doing a Troop 11 Eagle Project, led by Colin Norris at Yucaipa Equestrian Center.

I finally won Boy Scout Super Scout at Pop Nye

First one to get fire going and burn rope

Last month, I competed in my final Boy Scout Camporee called Pop Nye with my Troop 11. I was a member of the Ice Hawk Patrol and had a great time and was really proud how the young Ice Hawks competed. They even earned the presidential award which means they scored at least 90% in every category.

I also got a chance to compete in the Super Scout competition and I finally won this competition. It was something I wanted to earn before leaving boy scouts program in couple months. Here was recent article that was posted in the Redlands Daily Facts.

 Andrew Samaniego Wins Super Scout

Andrew Samaniego Wins Super Scout

Speaking Engagement -Fire up for Scouting

Builing Fire for Speed

I will be speaking this Wednesday evening at Boy Scout event, Fired Up For Scouting. Looking forward to sharing my story. See Details below

Fired Up For Scouting

Pre-Pop Nye Training

And the winner is....

We had our pre-pop nye training and Chili Cookoff this weekend. I was teaching the scouts map and compass. It was a great 3 day campout. I got to give out the Rhino Presentation award to the Ice Hawk Patrol. Congradulations to Icehawks.

Keynote Speaker at California BSA’s Inland Empire Council Award Dinner

photo 2

I was honored to speak at the California Inland Empire Council’s Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner last night the Moreno Vally Conference and Recreation Center.

I was asked by Paul Foster, Mayor-Pro Tem of the City of Redlands, and Executive Board Member of the CIEC council to speak at this event.

The title of my speech was, “What Being an Eagle Scout Means to Me.”

Superbowl Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

Andrew at Troop 11 Superbowl Pancake Breakfast

Need your help this is my last 6 months of scouting and my final Pancake Breakfast fundraiser on SuperBowl Sunday. Let me know how many tickets you would like ($5 each). If you like to just give a donation, I will give ticket to someone in need. Just let me know, your help would be greatly appreciated. See you Sunday!

Troop 11 Pancake Breakfast, February 2, 2014

Troop 11 Pancake Breakfast, February 2, 2014

Andrew at Troop 11 Superbowl Pancake Breakfast

Andrew at Troop 11 Superbowl Pancake Breakfast

Anaza Borego Hiking Trip with Troop 11


This was our first hike of the year. We hike about 10 miles total. It was great hike to start year and my last time here with the Scouts.

Farewell Speech -My year as Senior Patrol Leader has come to end. (video)

Farewell Troop 11 this is my last day as your Senior Patrol Leader. I will always remember this unbelievable experience.

It has been an amazing ride being the Senior Patrol Leader for my Boy Scout Troop. Over this last year I was in charge of the entire troop of roughly 60-80 scouts throughout the year.

I gave my final farewell speech as the Senior Patrol Leader. I was a bit winded when I started my speech. I started right after I finished my, Dance Revolution Skit, but I catch my breath after few minutes.

I was humble by the standing ovation I got from the scouts and parents.

Thank you Boy Scouts of America and especially to Redlands Troop 11.

I will always be here for you!

“Oh Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow!”


Dance Evolution – Boy Scout Style – Christmas Party Skit

Lean on Me - Troop 11

Last night, was my final night as the Senior Patrol Leader for Boy Scout Redlands Troop 11. It was an amazing year, a year I will never forget.

My Christmas party to our troop and parents was this skit, called Dance Evolution.

Hope you enjoy it!

Yucaipa City Council and Court of Honor

Andrew being introduced to City of Yucaipa Council Member and Mayor Hoyt

It was a busy day today. Right after school I had to attend Yucaipa City Council meeting I was going to be introduced to the City Council as of the Youth Representatives that was appointed to the Youth Advisory Group. This could be the start to my future political career. I think Andrew Samaniego, Mayor of Yucaipa has a nice ring.

After I finished my meeting at City Council I rushed to Boys Scout Troop 11 Winter Court of Honor. I MC the final court of honor for the year where recognize rank advancements, merit badges, and we even had the troop elections for our next Senior Patrol Leader.

I was awarded my Silver Bronze Award and received 4 merit badges.

Naval Academy Blue and Gold Officer Visits Boy Scout Troop 11 in Redlands

Mr. Riojas, Blue and Gold Officer speaking at Naval Academy opportunites

I have been the Senior Patrol Leader for the last year of Redlands Troop 11, and my term is coming to the end soon.

Tonight was my last “regular” meeting. The only meetings left for the year is the court of honor next week and Christmas party in December.

I will miss our meeting on Nov 20th, because I will be at the Air Force Academy.

The one thing I wanted to do for my last meeting was bring in my, Blue and Gold Officer, Mr. Riojas from the Naval Academy to talk about what a great opportunity that not only Naval Academy has but the other service academies. He spoke about the ROTC scholarship opportunities and even Officer Candidate School.

He talked about the scouting program and what a great leadership program we have and how much the service academies like the scouting program.

If even one scout takes that information and changes their life it will be a great thing!

Here a couple pictures from our meeting.


Local Senior Stays Busy on His Way To Military Career

Andrew Samaniego - Yucaipa News Mirror
Andrew Samaniego - Yucaipa News Mirror

Andrew Samaniego – Yucaipa News Mirror

Yucaipa JROTC Color Guard at Eagle Court of Honor

Andrew Samaniego

Yesterday was busy day.  After my 21 mile hike today, and I rushed out the door to an Eagle Court of Honor.

A member of my JROTC unit at Yucaipa High School became an Eagle Scout.I

I had to the pleasure to be part of his flag ceremony with other members from my JROTC unit.