Bronze Eagle Award

It feels good to advance...

Last Wednesday, I was the master of ceremony for our bi-annual Court of Honor ceremonies. There where about 140+ (Scouts and family members) people attending

We welcomed 14 new members to our Troop 11. I believe now our troop is just over 70 members.

That is a lot people to be in charge off, but I enjoy the challenge.

We rank advanced our scouts, awarded merit badges, and awarded the Paul Foster Eagle Scout Scholarship to my friend, Colin Shaffer.

I was also awarded the “Bronze Award” for my Eagle Status. I heard that only 1 in 10 Eagle Scout ever earned that “Bronze Award.” I also received 4 additional merit badges: Climbing, Scholarship, Engineering, and Cinematography.

But most importantly we kept our “Coffee Pot” Award for winning Pop Nye Challenge again.

Here, few pictures from that night.


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