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Speaking Engagement -Fire up for Scouting

Builing Fire for Speed

I will be speaking this Wednesday evening at Boy Scout event, Fired Up For Scouting. Looking forward to sharing my story. See Details below

Fired Up For Scouting

Army ROTC Scholarship


Last year, I started my journey to attend college and I applied to all the service academies and civilian schools and finally for the ARMY & NAVY ROTC Scholarships.

Although, I signed my letter of intent for the United States Naval Academy Prep School at the Naval Station in Newport, Rhode Island. It is interesting to see what could have happen.

Last week, I found out I was awarded a full ARMY ROTC scholarship to the University of Texas in San Antonio. I also received acceptances to Texas A&M and UC Riverside.

I mention in a earlier post I also received an appointment to the United States Merchant Marine Academy.I am curious still curious if I will receive any offers from Air Force Academy or West Point. They are supposed to notify us by April 15th.

It was neat getting the letter below.


Full Scholarship to University of Texas.

Full Scholarship to University of Texas.