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Congressman Cook, meet and greet in Yucaipa

Congressman Paul Cook at Yucaipa Meet and Greet.

Last night, my dad and I spent evening at Yucaipa Community Center where Congressman Col. Paul Cook (ret), hosted his first meet and greet since becoming the congressman for our district. It was standing room only. I got a chance to talk with Congressman Cook, and he wished me luck in my upcoming nomination interview with his office in a few weeks.

I was sitting with my ROTC Instructors, Col. Maldonado and Tech. Sgt.

Mayor Denise Hoyt at the event as well. Did you know that Mayor is one my assistant swimming coaches and the counselor to my Yucaipa Youth Advisory Committee.


Congressman Paul Cook at Yucaipa Meet and Greet.

Congressman Paul Cook at Yucaipa Meet and Greet.

Congressional Interview with Col. Paul Cook

Nomination Panel Interview with Paul Cooks Office

I was just notified that my congressional interview with Col. Paul Cook(ret) office is on January 4, 2014.

I am excited about this interview and looking forward to sharing with the panel my desire to serve my country. The one thing that has prepared me for this interview has been the last five years of interviews with the Boy Scouts. Every rank advancement we had to do a skills review, scoutmaster interview and board reviews. Thank God for scouting.

I am planning on doing a “mock” board review with the help of some of the scout parents to help me better prepare for my nomination panel interview. I am going to trying to get that done in next couple weeks.

I am asking for nomination to Naval Academy, West Point, Air Force Academy and the Merchant Marine Academy. My application to all the academies is complete except the Merchant Marine Academy. I have few more items to finish up this next week on the Merchant Marine Academy.

Here is the letter I received from Congressman Cooks office.


Nomination Panel Interview with Paul Cooks Office

Nomination Panel Interview with Paul Cooks Office


JRROTC Nomination to Air Force Academy and Vice Presidential Nomination

VP Nomination

It’s been a really busy week working towards my post high school educational plans.

I took my Army ROTC scholarship interview at Pitzer College in Claremont, California on Thursday.

Then yesterday, I found out when I logged into my Air Force Academy Admission site,  they received a JRROTC nomination that I sent in a few months ago. That was pretty exciting, hopefully I will get awarded that nomination. I also submitted my Vice-Presidential nomination online and still waiting to hear from Congressman Paul Cook office for my congressional interview.

I know I still have a long way to go to get admitted to any of the military academies. I have been planning on my backup plans as well.

I have submitted applications to 8 other colleges just in case I am not admitted to any of the academies or their prep school programs.



JROTC Nomination Recieved at Air Force Academy

VP Nomination

Vice-President Nomination was submitted today

Farewell Speech -My year as Senior Patrol Leader has come to end. (video)

Farewell Troop 11 this is my last day as your Senior Patrol Leader. I will always remember this unbelievable experience.

It has been an amazing ride being the Senior Patrol Leader for my Boy Scout Troop. Over this last year I was in charge of the entire troop of roughly 60-80 scouts throughout the year.

I gave my final farewell speech as the Senior Patrol Leader. I was a bit winded when I started my speech. I started right after I finished my, Dance Revolution Skit, but I catch my breath after few minutes.

I was humble by the standing ovation I got from the scouts and parents.

Thank you Boy Scouts of America and especially to Redlands Troop 11.

I will always be here for you!

“Oh Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow!”


Dance Evolution – Boy Scout Style – Christmas Party Skit

Lean on Me - Troop 11

Last night, was my final night as the Senior Patrol Leader for Boy Scout Redlands Troop 11. It was an amazing year, a year I will never forget.

My Christmas party to our troop and parents was this skit, called Dance Evolution.

Hope you enjoy it!

Andrew Samaniego Outstanding Cadet Air Force JROTC

Outstanding Cadet Board Winner

Outstanding Cadet Board Winner

Grandma is doing better

grandmother poem

As many of you may have heard. My Grandma Angie recently suffered a stroke in our home. Lucky for us my dad was home when this happened, and I think because of his past medical training as a medic in army and EMT training.
My grandmother was treated by my dad, and he called the ambulance immediately and was in the emergency room within 30 minutes.

The doctor told us my dad fast reaction and getting her to the emergency room probably saved her life.

Thanks for all your prayers