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Air Force Academy Interview is complete

Andrew Samaniego Air Force Academy Interview

I went to the home of the Air Force Laison Officer Col. Alejandre for my official Air Force Academy interview. It was a great interview. It lasted just under 2 hours.

He was really impressed with my resume and said it always helps the ALO with their reports back the academy. I just need to submit my Candidate Fitness Test and finish up my essays for the application and my application is complete.

I just have three more interviews I need to complete, my West Point, Navy ROTC, and Army ROTC interviews.

Eagle Mentor Pin – Thank you Eagle Scout Jonathan Stanley

Jonathan awarding me the Eagle Mentor Pin

Earning your Eagle Scout award is a huge accomplishment that I earned in November 2012, but I felt what is as important is those parent volunteers that help you become an Eagle Scout

Almost 11 months ago, I made a goal that no one knew about, it was just after I had become Senior Patrol Leader of my troop back in January 2013.

My goal was to become an”Eagle Mentor” to a scout who becomes an Eagle Scout. No one knew about that goal except me. I wanted to have an influence on another Eagle Scout. I was almost certain you had to be adult to earn the award. So I knew it could take a few years before I you could earn that honor.

On Sunday I was attending my friend Jonathan Stanley Eagle Court of Honor in Redlands. I was totally caught off guard while he was presenting his “Eagle Mentor” pins he called me up to be recognized.

I was completed honored and humbled by Jonathan.

Thank you Jonathan, you are a great Eagle Scout, and I know you will be a mentor to many future Eagle Scouts.