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Naval Academy Candidate Visit Weekend Experience (Video)

Samaniego at Naval Academy

Earlier today, my minister asked me to share my Candidate Visit Weekend experience at the United States Naval Academy.

The story begins with a flight that was delayed 4 hours on Thursday, because of some ticketing problem. After 9 hour combined flight I get to Annopolis at 11:30 am instead of the original arriving time of 6:20pm

I was picked up by Supper Shuttle and dropped off at a locked gate at 12am. This where the fun begins.

It was a very unique, and challenging experience trying to get on the campus after 12am in the morning. I finally made my way into my Plebes room but not until 3am. Then 2 hours later was wake up call to do “Chow Calls”

Huge lesson learned from my trip. Make sure you take a working cell phone when flying out of town.

Hope you enjoy my story.