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Redlands Mayor Pro Tem, Paul Foster asked me for a Favor. I Accepted!

Mr. Paul Foster, Mayor and Former Scoutmaster of Troop 11

Today I received an email from Redlands Mayor Pro Tem, Paul Foster, asking me for a favor?

The favor was he wanted me to speak at the Third annual C.I.E.C Annual Dinner.

He is serving as the Chairman of the event

He said this is an event where the Silver Beaver Awards are given out along with several other Council level recognition’s.

It is attended by about 300+ representatives from throughout the Council.

I told him of course I would, it would be my pleasure. I just realized that will be the largest group I ever had spoken to, the event will be at the Moreno Valley Convention center.

I wanted to say few words about Mr. Foster. He is one of my mentors. He was former Scoutmaster for our Troop 11 and continuously serves the Boy Scout program. Every time I have ask for advice or help, Mr. Foster is always there. Mr. Foster is also the father of an Eagle Scout and former SPL of Troop 11, Nicholas Chase Bornholdt. Nicholas had an unbelievable future ahead of him and was a role model for all scouts and tragically passed away at young age of 25.

Thank you Mr Foster.




Trip to Air Force Academy Canceled Due To Government Shutdown!

Air Force Academy

I got the email from the Air Force Academy. That due to the current government shutdown they have cancelled my 4-day visitation to the Academy. I was ready to go, and all my teachers gave me my homework assignments. But it is a no-go!

They did reschedule the trip to November 19-22th. Hopefully the government is back up and working by that week.

I still have my official candidate visit plan for the Naval Academy in two weeks. I just hope that it is not cancelled as well. I know my Congressman Col. Paul Cook is doing his best to get us going again.