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Yucaipa JROTC Color Guard at Eagle Court of Honor

Andrew Samaniego

Yesterday was busy day.  After my 21 mile hike today, and I rushed out the door to an Eagle Court of Honor.

A member of my JROTC unit at Yucaipa High School became an Eagle Scout.I

I had to the pleasure to be part of his flag ceremony with other members from my JROTC unit.


21 Mile Hike on the Pacific Crest Trail

Nothing like a 21 day hike.

I went out on a 21 mile day hike today with my fellow scout Aidan McGloin and two adult leaders, Mr. Leysena and Mr. Becker.

We started at 6:30am and finished up by late afternoon.

It was great hike, now I need to get home for Color Guard Assignment this evening for Eagle Court of Honor.


Pumpkin Carving 2013

Samaniego Family Pumpkins

This morning I took my ACT again and then for some relaxation we headed over to pumpkin patch with my family and then spent the evening carving my pumpkins.

Three hours later we finished up our pumpkins.

Air Force Academy Interview is complete

Andrew Samaniego Air Force Academy Interview

I went to the home of the Air Force Laison Officer Col. Alejandre for my official Air Force Academy interview. It was a great interview. It lasted just under 2 hours.

He was really impressed with my resume and said it always helps the ALO with their reports back the academy. I just need to submit my Candidate Fitness Test and finish up my essays for the application and my application is complete.

I just have three more interviews I need to complete, my West Point, Navy ROTC, and Army ROTC interviews.

Eagle Mentor Pin – Thank you Eagle Scout Jonathan Stanley

Jonathan awarding me the Eagle Mentor Pin

Earning your Eagle Scout award is a huge accomplishment that I earned in November 2012, but I felt what is as important is those parent volunteers that help you become an Eagle Scout

Almost 11 months ago, I made a goal that no one knew about, it was just after I had become Senior Patrol Leader of my troop back in January 2013.

My goal was to become an”Eagle Mentor” to a scout who becomes an Eagle Scout. No one knew about that goal except me. I wanted to have an influence on another Eagle Scout. I was almost certain you had to be adult to earn the award. So I knew it could take a few years before I you could earn that honor.

On Sunday I was attending my friend Jonathan Stanley Eagle Court of Honor in Redlands. I was totally caught off guard while he was presenting his “Eagle Mentor” pins he called me up to be recognized.

I was completed honored and humbled by Jonathan.

Thank you Jonathan, you are a great Eagle Scout, and I know you will be a mentor to many future Eagle Scouts.


Naval Academy Candidate Visit Weekend Experience (Video)

Samaniego at Naval Academy

Earlier today, my minister asked me to share my Candidate Visit Weekend experience at the United States Naval Academy.

The story begins with a flight that was delayed 4 hours on Thursday, because of some ticketing problem. After 9 hour combined flight I get to Annopolis at 11:30 am instead of the original arriving time of 6:20pm

I was picked up by Supper Shuttle and dropped off at a locked gate at 12am. This where the fun begins.

It was a very unique, and challenging experience trying to get on the campus after 12am in the morning. I finally made my way into my Plebes room but not until 3am. Then 2 hours later was wake up call to do “Chow Calls”

Huge lesson learned from my trip. Make sure you take a working cell phone when flying out of town.

Hope you enjoy my story.

Air Force Academy has moved up my interview date

Present Arms!

I got message from my Dad that the Air Force Academy wanted to moved up my interview date from January to next week to be considered under their early notification program.

I am here at the Naval Academy having amazing time at candidate visit weekend.

I get home tomorrow, I have speech on Sunday at church and then I am attending my friends, Jonathon Stanley, Eagle Court of Honor on Sunday.

Leaving for Naval Academy Candidate Visit Weekend

Arriving Ontario Airport to leave for the Naval Academy.

I left this morning for Annapolis, Maryland to attend the Candidate Visit weekend at the Naval Academy.

I got here at Ontario Airport and found out my flight was changed and delayed about 4 hours.

I should be at Naval Academy around 11:30pm.

Going to be busy few days.

Museum of Tolerance

Troop 11 Family

Today I had a chance to go to the Musem of Tolerance in Los Angeles. My dad has always wanted me to go and we finally had to go with my family and my Boy Scout Troop.

It was an eye opening experience. It was like it brought our history books to life.

If you have never been, you have to go.

Scouting for Food 2013 – Huge Success

Time to send this book to Food Bank.

This was my fifth year participating in Scouting for Food. This is not only of one of my favorite community service events, but my entire family loves being part of this program every year.

It was a long day of work that started at 8:00am in morning at we finally finished around 7pm

We collected over 10,000 pounds of food for our local food banks. Thank you to all the Scouts in Troop 11 and Pac 8. You guys where awesome today.

Congressman Paul Cook Service Academy Night in Yucaipa

Samaniego wearing Midshipman Hat at Service Academy Night

Last Night, Congressman Paul Cooks Office had a service academy night at Yucaipa Community Center. The local representatives from the Naval Academy, West Point and the Air Force Academy where at the event.

It was a surprised to see my Naval Academy, Blue and Gold Officer, Don Riojas at the event. The last time I saw him he was interviewing me for the Naval Academy.

I had a chance to speak to Col. Leja. He is the local resident that was the first student from Yucaipa High School to attend the Air Force Academy and I also found out he started the Air Force JROTC program at Yucaipa High School.

He is now retired from Air Force and is an American Airline pilot.

I was really surprised to see how few students show up to this great event. I honestly believe that more people need to find out about all the service academy and what a great opportunity it is not only to get unbelievable education, but more importantly give us a chance to serve our country. I would like to come back to my community in the future and promote the service academy to our youth. I will put that on my wish list.

At the Naval Academy table, Mr. Riojas had a hat from the Naval Academy, and I got a chance with his permission to try it on, and it was a perfect fit.

Is this picture below a look into my future? I hope so? But for now it is a sit an wait for the admission to go through my file and make a decision.

I will just continue working hard at school, swim team, scouts, and keep taking the SAT and ACT exams.

Thank you to Congressman Col. Paul Cook, Ret., Matt Knox, and Jan Leja for putting this event today.

Samaniego wearing Midshipman Hat at Service Academy Night

Samaniego wearing Midshipman Hat at Service Academy Night

Redlands Mayor Pro Tem, Paul Foster asked me for a Favor. I Accepted!

Mr. Paul Foster, Mayor and Former Scoutmaster of Troop 11

Today I received an email from Redlands Mayor Pro Tem, Paul Foster, asking me for a favor?

The favor was he wanted me to speak at the Third annual C.I.E.C Annual Dinner.

He is serving as the Chairman of the event

He said this is an event where the Silver Beaver Awards are given out along with several other Council level recognition’s.

It is attended by about 300+ representatives from throughout the Council.

I told him of course I would, it would be my pleasure. I just realized that will be the largest group I ever had spoken to, the event will be at the Moreno Valley Convention center.

I wanted to say few words about Mr. Foster. He is one of my mentors. He was former Scoutmaster for our Troop 11 and continuously serves the Boy Scout program. Every time I have ask for advice or help, Mr. Foster is always there. Mr. Foster is also the father of an Eagle Scout and former SPL of Troop 11, Nicholas Chase Bornholdt. Nicholas had an unbelievable future ahead of him and was a role model for all scouts and tragically passed away at young age of 25.

Thank you Mr Foster.




Trip to Air Force Academy Canceled Due To Government Shutdown!

Air Force Academy

I got the email from the Air Force Academy. That due to the current government shutdown they have cancelled my 4-day visitation to the Academy. I was ready to go, and all my teachers gave me my homework assignments. But it is a no-go!

They did reschedule the trip to November 19-22th. Hopefully the government is back up and working by that week.

I still have my official candidate visit plan for the Naval Academy in two weeks. I just hope that it is not cancelled as well. I know my Congressman Col. Paul Cook is doing his best to get us going again.


Samaniego Keynote Speaker at CIEC Boy Scouts Donor Appreciation Reception

Andrew Samaniego delivers key not speech at BSA event

Yesterday, evening I was honored to be the keynote speaker at the California Inland Empire Council Boy Scouts of America Donor Appreciation Reception at the Redlands Country Club.

I gave a 10 ten minute speech titled, “What it Means to Be an Eagle Scout.”  It was nice talking about my experience as a boy scout and now eagle scout.

I think I did a pretty good job, I got my first standing ovation.

Here are some pictures from the event.