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Devil Pup Eagle

My certificate for completing the Devil Pup Eagle Program

I am now back from Camp Pendleton as a Devil Pup Eagle. I had a great learning experience on what the officers do and the administrative side of the Devil Pup Program. I got to work with A PFC and a Corporal in the Marines.

I also got to meet and help out Captains, and Staff Sgts. I got to participate in the PT test and every run including the 5 1/2 mile beach run, leading from the front.

I had a great part in helping the program run, and I wish Devil Pups the best of luck for their upcoming years and looking forward maybe some day coming back to help again.

Now time to go to Yosemite for 31 mile backpacking trip and climb Half Dome. We are going straight their from Camp Pendleton. I think its 10 hour drive.

Four More Days As Devil Pup Eagle


It’s been a great time here at Devil Pups working as Eagle. I have been here 8 days and have 4 more days to go until graduation for our 2013 2nd Increment Devil Pups.

My parents pick me up on Saturday and then off to Yosemite for my 25+ mile hike to Half Dome with Boys Scout Troop 11.

Have to go..


8 Mile Hike to Mazanita Peak

2013-07-13 08.49.32

I got home yesterday from Air Force JROTC Summer Leadership School. Then I overhead my parents they where going on a 8 mile training hike this morning to Mazanita Peak in the San Bernardino National Forest.

“Mazanita Peak?”

I’ve never done that hike. So instead of getting some rest today to get ready for my two weeks with Devil Pups. I went on the hike with my parents and my Boy Scout Assitant Scoutmaster Mr. Kerhylein aka “daddddy.”

I figured I needed to get a least one hike in this summer before our big hike to Yosemite Half Dome in 3 weeks.

I get at least 10 days rest this summer before school starts.


2013 Air Force JROTC Summer Leadership School Completed


I just completed SLS (Summer Leadership School) for our Air Force JROTC program. Originally, I wasn’t planning on attending this summer program, but week opened up and we cancelled our family trip to Washington State.

So I figured another week of Summer Leadership School is where I needed to be.

It was held at March Air Force Base here in Southern California. This year I was the Deputy Group Commander. I learned a lot of great leadership skills and got to practise some leadership skills.

Now it’s time to pack up and get ready for Devil Pups. I leave on Monday.



Air Force JROTC Summer Leadership School


This morning I left for March Air Force Base here in California to attend my JROTC Summer Leadership School(SLS). I was not planning on attending this summer do to my busy schedule.

My parents decided last minute to postpone our road trip to Washington State so I decided I needed to attend SLS.

It should be a lot of fun and informative. I’ll catch up with some of my JROTC and school friends who are attending. This is a week long leadership camp.

I get home Saturday and then ship out to Camp Pendleton to attend Devil Pup as Eagle.

Until next time,

American Legion 76th Boys State was amazing.

Group Photo of my City of Drake American Legion Boys State

Had an amazing time at California’s Boy State program. I got to create our own city, county and state governments to learn how it works.

I got the chance to meet the best of the best future citizens of California, I was also appointed the head of security under secret service for the governor of California.

I ran for Senate office, unfortunately I was not elected, but I learned a lot about the political process of running for office.

I have learned how corrupt politics can be if you have the wrong people in an office, and I have gained much more respect to politicians as they try to help improve the country that is tough job trying to get anyone to agree on anything almost seem impossible.

I wanted to thank the American Legion organization especially my local American Legion Post #426.

I get to spend next few days at home relaxing just for little bit because I leave for JROTC Air Force Summer Leadership School at March Air Force Base here in California for 7 days.

I check with you all later..


P.S. Below are some pictures from my Boys State Trip and few awards.