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Awesome Week of NYLT Mataguay

Last Week i went to NYLT which stands for National Youth Leadership Training. We had a lot of fun learning about leadership skills and camping. The best parts of the trip are secret so by Scout Honor i am not aloud to tell you. But the worst part about the trip were the flies. The flies are an endangered species that bite.Anyways i had a lot of fun and i am hopping they choose me to be a Staff for next year!

Fish Creek

Last weekend i went to a training backpacking trip of Fish creek in preparation for a 50 miler trip. It was a good 2.5 miles to our campsite, where we set up our camp and made our beds for the night. The next morning we woke up early for a 14 mile hike to the base of MT. San Gorgonio. When our hike was over i made some good Mountain House freeze dried food and went to sleep.The next morning we woke up at 5:30 to begin our decent down the hill. It took us 50 minutes to get down the hill, because we sprinted down it.

Next week i will be going to San Diego to go to a NYLT leadership Camp, To learn some leadership Skills.