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Bogart Park Troop 11

Last Weekend our troop went to Bogart park to prepare for Pop Nye.

When we got there our Senior Patrol Leader told us to not set up our tents, because of expecting rain. As soon as the adults set up there sites of the events the senior patrol leader told us to start. The first event our patrol did was fire building because it was very cold. We built a fire in under 15 minutes which is horrible. So after we did the other events we went back to fire building to get a better time. After some tips from our former scoutmaster Mr. Welsh we made a fire in under 10 minutes.

After our patrol was done i decided to do it by myself for practice for Super Scout. Super scout is A competition within Pop Nye for scouts first class and up to use boy scout abilities efficiently. I finished my fire in 23 minutes. I know i will do better when Pop Nye comes.