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Failure is not option – Devil Pups

I tried out for Marine Corp Devil Pup Program, and I didn’t make it. I didn’t get a high enough score in my PT Test.

I was one of the youngest people trying out. I am only 13, most of the kids trying out where between 15-16 years old. I failed, but I am not giving up. I try again next year and the next.

I will make it to Devil Pups. Failure is not option.

Here are couple pictures my dad took and little post video.

My Merit Badge Goals For Camp Emerson Boy Scout Summer Camp 2010

I am on my way of getting many merit badges this week and next week .

This week I am planning to get my fishing merit badge and my rifle shooting merit badge from the Big Bass Pro Shop.

Next week I am going to go to summer camp. Summer camp is in Camp Emerson where you go to  earn merit badges. I will be gone for seven days learning about the following merit badges.

Here is a list of the merit badges I am planning to earn while at summer camp:

  1. Swimming
  2. Citizenship in the community
  3. Wilderness survival
  4. Carpentry
  5. Camping
  6. Communications

While at summer camp I am planning to take many pictures to show what summer camp looks like.

Get back to you after summer camp with lots of pictures.