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Boy Scout Launches Summer Lawn Service to Raise Money For Summer Camp!

Rolling Hills Residents Only: First Class Boy Scout, Andrew wants to help you relax:

Give Me One Hour And I’ll Give You a Lawn You Can Be
Proud of, Just Kick Off Your Shoes, Grab a Ice Tea and Relax, I Will Handle The Rest!!

Hi my name is Andrew, I live here in Rolling Hills area with my family, here I am(3rd from left with my Rhino Patrol) and I’d like to help you and in very large way and you can help me if you choose. I am a Boy Scout in Troop 11 in Redlands. I am trying to accomplish four very important goals over the next 12 weeks:

  1. Attend Summer Camp with my Troop this summer to earn 6 different merit badges: Swimming, Camping, Communications, Wilderness Survival, Citizenship in Community , and Carpentry Merit Badges
  2. Attend National Youth Leadership Camp for week!
  3. Attend Marine Corp Devil Pup Camp
  4. Earn my Salesmanship and Entrepreneur Merit Badges with this lawn business.

Doing all these thing’s are not cheap as you can imagine. My father told me when I joined Boy Scouts over a year ago, that I would have to earn and pay for at least half of my boy scout events and equipment, I have already earned over $145 through my recycling efforts and chores.

So I would like the chance to earn my way to accomplish my goals for this summer by helping you with your lawn. I know you may have a Gardner or even do your lawn yourself. If so, I totally understand. If you have any recyclables you would like to donate that would be great as well!

“Investment Into A Future Leader”
$20 for only Front Yard
$10 for only Back Yard
Service: Mow lawn, edge, and sweep.
Andrew’s  Lawn Service
Contact 24hr Voice Mail (909)742-9699
When you leave message it will text me

White-water Rafting

Last Weekend. I went white-water rafting in the Kern River with Troop 11 Scouts and as my family as a vacation. My family and I went early because we didn’t want to drive in the dark and we wanted to get our tents up early and get settled in and relax the rest of the day.

When we got to camp it took a long time because both of the tent poles broke, but we still got the tent to work. We also put an air mattress for my grandma in her tent.We barely got the bed to fit be we did. Later my dad and grandma made  delicious  carne-asada tacos while we were waiting for the Troop 11 scouts to show up. When they showed up our patrol set up the tent and our sleeping bags and went to sleep.

The next day we were preparing to get on the rafts by getting life-vest on and ores. The life vest were so tight I couldn’t breathe. The instructor said if you can’t breathe it is on right.

My dad,mom,uncle Shawn and two scouts Peter from the Rhino patrol and Ventura from the Kodiak patrol was in our raft. We went down many rapids and when we got to beaver pond the instructors made a slide with the rafts. We went on a class three rapid and our raft quickly fell over on most of us fell in the freezing cold water.

Quickly, We all got rescued by the other rafts. Later that day we went to have lunch at the Pizza Barn. After I was full of pizza i went to go take a nap. We had a good time at the campfire , there were many skits and jokes that made it a good night.

Ill talk to you later.


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