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Long day at Pre Pop Nye

We had a long day at pre pop nye at Bogart Park. The hardest thing about it was fire building, it took about 15 mininutes in the hot sun making little pieces of wood. The good news is we burned the string with our fire and finished. Later we went down to a river/stream and had fun making a dam made up with rocks and wood.

Are You ready for Pop Nye?

Just got done eating dinner, now i am preparing for pre pop nye by putting my 10 essentials in my bag. Pop Nye is a competition against other boy scout troops testing their scout-craft skills like fire-building, first-aid, rifle shooting and more. So tomorrow i am going to pre pop nye so are troop could practice for the real competition.

In my essential ten:

  1. Pocketknife
  2. First-aid kit
  3. extra clothing
  4. rain gear
  5. water-bottle
  6. flashlight
  7. trail food
  8. a flint/fire-starter
  9. sun screen
  10. compass