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Class of 2019 – I-day

Class of 2019 Oath of Office

Class of 2019 Induction Day


Andrew can be seen at 2:02 mark in second row taking the oath.

Future Navy, Marine Corp leaders graduate from NAPS

Future Navy, Marine Corp Leaders Graduate

Future Navy, Marine Corp Leaders Graduate

Dining-In-Tradition at NAPS

This was article posted on the base newspaper about our Dining-In-Tradition, for future NAPSTERS, what out for the “Grog!”NAPSDinningINTradition



On Friday evening 23 January at the Hyatt Regency Newport the Naval Academy Preparatory School (NAPS) Battalion was introduced to an age old military tradition – the Dining-In. The tradition, which traces its roots all the way back to the Roman Legions, involves a grand banquet and fellowship to honor the accomplishments of the unit.

Today’s Dining-In ceremonies follow customs and rules handed down from the Royal Navy.

MC’s presided over the event and ensured all rules were observed and violations received appropriate penalties – a hearty drink of grog(BBQ sauce, pigs feet, chicken fat, hot sauce onions and other mystery ingredients).

The guest of honor was VADM Ted Carter, Superintendent, U.S. Naval Academy, who addressed the battalion following an excellent dinner provided by the Hyatt staff.

The Dining-In event is a key part of the ten month NAPS experience as it exposes the midshipman candidates to the heritage and tradition which has shaped the Navy.

Navy vs SD. State – Poinsettia Bowl



Army vs Navy – My First


Navy won!!! Beat Army! Best football game I’ve ever been too. Now headed back to USNA. — feeling ecstatic at United States Naval Academy.10384120_913851648624909_6455922516147283413_n


Video: Cutting the Cake at Navy Birthday Party

239th Navy Birthday – Navy’s Youngest

I had the honored of cutting the cake at the Navy Ball.

I made the newspaper in the Navy Base Newspaper.

I had the honored of cutting the cake at the Navy Ball.

I had the honored of cutting the cake at the Navy Ball.

Parents Weekend and the Navy Ball

I missed her.

This past weekend was parents weekend at US Naval Academy Prep School. My parents came to visit for few days, we went to the 239th Navy Birthday Ball and I was honored to cut the cake as the youngest Navy Person at the party. It was nice have a overnight getaway and just relaxing with family.






I missed her.

239th Navy Birthday Ball


This was a blast had a little fun and a whole lot of dancing at the Navy Birthday Ball at Newport,Naval Station.




Nothing Like Doing Physics Early in Morning

Physics at Naval Academy Prep School Andrew Samaniego

Getting my Physics on at Naval Academy Preparatory School.
Physics at Naval Academy Prep School Samaniego

Physics at Naval Academy Prep School Andrew Samaniego

Andrew Physics at Naval Academy Prep School

(Video) The first 3 weeks of Indoc…Fast Paced!

Fire Training at NAPS

Naval Academy Indoc Training

This is a great video created by one of our detailers, MIDN 1/C Radix Harris ’15.

This is video overview of our Indoc training at the US Naval Academy Preparatory School. This is mostly Company 2, Class of 2015. Indoc was intense, fast paced, fun, and just a taste of what we will be doing next year during plebe summer.


Ropes Course at Naval Academy Prep School

Ropes Course at NAPS

This is my company and platoon during ropes course at the United States Naval Academy Prep School during indoc training.